AVIAID produces a broad variety of accessories that help complete any engine lubrication system, from the most modest street to the most radical race. These components include adapters to connect external oil system components like filters, coolers and external pumps to the engine, to mount various filters, and tie all the pieces into a functioning system. Most components are billet while certain components of historic significance are cast. Some are universal while others are engine specific. All are designed to provide the full function of competition derived components to accommodate any and all of the most extreme requirements. Each is the sum of 50 years of experience.

427 Ford "FE"
Universal Remote Filter Mounts
Filter Mount Remote Pressure Regulators

Dry Sump Filter Fittings and Bungs
LS7-LS9 OEM Dry Sump

Universal Remote Regulators
Traco Remote Oil Filter Mounts & Adapters

Remote Filter and Cooler Adapters
Z06/LS7 OEM Oil System Enhancements
In-Line Oil Filters