[ Small Block Ford ]

     There’s no firm with experience providing lubrication solutions for small block Ford engines than Aviad. When Carroll Shelby introduced the Cobra in 1964, Aviaid was the pan supplier of choice. When the all-conquering Ford GT40 rolled into the winner’s circle at LeMans, it was equipped with an Aviaid pan and components. And since then, Aviaid has developed a number of products for the 221-260-289-302-351 c.i.d. “Windsor” powerplant, as well as the potent “Cleveland”and “Boss” Ford engines. Aviad offers complete bolt-in dry sump systems for early Mustangs through the Fox platforms, as well as other Ford vehicles. For owners of original Cobras, or kit car versions, Aviaid wet and dry sump oil systems are the epitome of performance and authenticity.

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