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Wet Sump Road Race Oil Pans (SBF) Cleveland

AVIAID began fabricating wet sump road racing pans in the very early 1960 s. As the original fabricators of Chevrolet pans for Formula 5000 and Can-Am, AVIAID fabricated the original 289 and 427 Cobra pans, GT-350 R model, A and B Production Corvette pans, and Mustang and Camaro Trans Am pans. We continue to manufacture these pans, as well as many others, improving their capabilities to the limits of wet sump abilities. All pans are built on new pan cores. All buckets and components are punched and bent on CNC equipment. Pan interiors are TIG welded, exteriors are gas welded. All pans are complete assemblies, including interior windage trays, scrapers and custom pickups. The only next step would be dry sump.
SBF - 351 C, Pantera, Specifically built for the original De Thomaso L/M Panteras originally fitted with 351 Cleveland engines. The standard complement of AVIAID road race oil pan features, including diamond position 4 door pickup trap assembly, bolt down windage tray/slosh baffle, weld in lip scraper and custom pickup complete a Pantera chassis specific full road race oil pan, the most one can get short of an AVIAID Pantera dry sump system. Uses stock dip stick which must be remarked with 9 quarts in pan. Add for filter.

Length: 15"  Depth: 8 1/4"  Width: 9 1/4"  Quarts: 9 
Price: $464.60

SKU: 155-55365