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SB Chevy Left & Right Side Dry Sump Systems

AVIAID AVIAID offers a traditional blade configuration dry sump system for the US driver side of the Small Block Chevrolet engine. The 3 or 4 stage pump options bolts directly to mount the pump. There are 6 different mounting blade styles for this engine. And mountings can be reversed for US passenger side mounting.
103-1005-1-Small Block Chevy 3 Stage Dry Sump System

SBC 3-Stage Dry Sump System. Driver side mount, 3-stage pump with 3 pickup steel Dry Sump Pan. Pump Drive, Remote Oil Filter components and 3.0 gallon 7-1/2" diameter Dry Sump Tank Assembly. Right or left side mount available. Alternative Pumps, Tanks and Pans available. Call for more info. 818-998-8991

Price: $2,379.17