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Ford 390-427 FE Left & Right Side Mount Wet & Dry Sump Systems

AVIAID AVIAID offers a traditional blade configuration dry sump system for the passenger side of the FE Ford engine. The driver side configuration uses a billet adapter plate to mount the pump. DRIVER SIDE CONFIGURATION REQUIRES MODIFICATION OF STOCK WATER PUMP FOR OIL PUMP PULLEY CLEARANCE.
103-1000 FE 427 Ford External Wet Sump Kit LSM
103-10014-FE 427 Ford External Wet Sump Complete Kit Ford External Wet Sump Kit Includes 1 Section pump with Left side Mount with Fitting and Hardware. Belt, Pulley. Remote Filter Mount w/ fittings and Wix Filter. BBF FE Rear Sump Pan.

Price: $2,126.56

SKU: 103-1000
103-1620 FE Ext W/S Kit RSM
This kit includes a 1 Stage BD Pump, Pump Adapter for Right Side Mounting. Damper sleeve Belt, Pulley Remote Filter Adapter with fittings and hardware. Remote Filter Mount, -12 Fittings. / Wix Filter. Rear Sump BBF FE Steel Pan.

Price: $2,252.04

SKU: 103-1620
103-1934 FE GT 40 Dry Sump System
103-10015-1-FE GT 40 Complete Dry Sump System FE 4 Stage Dry Sump System Left Side Mount. Includes LSO Pan, Pump Drive kit, Remote Filter Mount and Wix Filter. Tanks and Breather Can sold separately.

Price: $2,582.14

SKU: 103-1934
103-1154-FE Cobra Dry Sump System
fecobra.jpg FE 4 Stage Dry Sump System. Left Side Mount. Right and Left side mount available. Alternative Pumps. and Pans available. Tanks sold separately.

Price: $2,807.46

103-1701 FE Cobra RSM Dry Sump Kit
This kit includes a 4 Stage Pump Right Side Mount. Adapter , Damper sleeve with Belt and Pulley. 3 Pickup Steel Pan. Remote Filter Adapter, Remote Filter Mount all with Fittings and Hardware. Wix Filter. Tanks and Breather Cans are sold separately.

Price: $2,718.18

SKU: 103-1701
427 FE Cobra Reproduction Dry Sump Tank

Updated reproduction of the original dry sump tank built and installed in several '66 and '67 427 FE SC Competition Cobras. Internally baffled and and designed to fit in front of passenger footbox. Mountings must be fabricated. Installation may require modification of exhaust side pipe headers and fender panel where side pipes exit. Can be adapted to 289 Cobra. Originally fitted with flip-top filler cap mounted in top of fender panel. Can be modified for under hood filling.

SKU: 109-50030 

Width: 0  Height: 0  Capacity: 0  Price: $1,087.50

FE Ford 3 PU Dry Sump Pan Cobra/GT40

Ford FE 3 Pickup Dry Sump pan configured for Cobra or GT 40 Chassis, 3 screened pickups w/ -12 AN connectors. Right side trough w/ Left Side Outlets for ease of connection.

SKU: 156-56412 

Length: 00"  Depth: 00"  Width: 00"  Quarts: N/A 
Price: $496.50

SKU: 156-56412


AVIAID supplies both an original style cast block adapter and a contemporary billet block adapter that allows the connection to a remote filter or cooler, as well as a feed point for a dry sump system. Aviaid p/n 104-40203-01 Billet.

Choose a Fitting Option (Additional Charge for Fittings)

Price: $126.75
SKU# 104-40203-01