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Dry Sump Oil Pans BBF/FE

AVIAID began fabricating wet sump road racing pans in the very early 1960 s. As the original fabricators of Chevrolet pans for Formula 5000 and Can-Am, AVIAID fabricated the original 289 and 427 Cobra pans, GT-350 R model, A and B Production Corvette pans, and Mustang and Camaro Trans Am pans. We continue to manufacture these pans, as well as many others, improving their capabilities to the limits of wet sump abilities. All pans are built on new pan cores. All buckets and components are punched and bent on CNC equipment. Pan interiors are TIG welded, exteriors are gas welded. All pans are complete assemblies, including interior windage trays, scrapers and custom pickups. The only next step would be dry sump.
152-52400 BBF 3 PU Dry Sump Pan RSO

460 Ford 3 pick-up Dry Sump Pan

Length: 22.27"  Depth: 5.50"  Width: 8.35"  Quarts: N/A 
Price: $449.60

152-52401 BBF 3 PU LSO Dry Sump Pan

BBF 3, -12 Pick Ups Left Side Outlets , 6 1/2" Deep

Price: $496.00

152-52402 BBF 460 Dry Sump Pan Pantera

429/460 BBF 03Steel 3 Pickup Dry Sump Pan. Screened -12 pickups exit towards drivers side from trough under pan. Includes framed directional windage screen.

Length: 00"  Depth: 00"  Width: 00"  Quarts: 00 
Price: $496.00

152-52403 BBF 3 PU RSO Dry Sump Pan

BBF 3, -12 Pick Ups Right Side Outlet with Revised Flat Bottom Bucket and Pickup Trough

Price: $496.60

156-56412-01 427 FE 3 PU LSO Dry sump Pan

427 FE 3, -12 Left Side Outlets from Trough 4.5" Deep, 3/4 Length Sump

Price: $496.50