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Ford Coyote US Passenger Side Dry Sump Systems

AVIAID AVIAID offers a fixed bolt up configuration dry sump system for the passenger side of the Coyote Ford. The 3 or 4 stage pump options uses a billet adapter plate to mount the pump. A separate oil & water manifole provides for the coolant connection and the engine oil flow into the block. The belt and drive pulley combination is calculated to be a direct bolt up, with adjustment shims provided to set final belt tension.
103-1007-Ford Modular Coyote Dry Sump System

Ford Modular Coyote 4 Stage Dry Sump System. Passenger side mount, 4-Stage Pump with 5 pickup Billet Aluminum Dry Sump Pan. Pump Drive, Remote Oil Filter components. With 3 gallon 7-1/2" diameter Dry Sump Tank Assembly. Driver and Passenger Mount available. Alternative Pump, Pans, and Tanks available. Cal for more info 818-998-8991.

Price: $4,786.85

Call or Email for more info. Shipping not included. Email: Phone: 818-998-8991