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Subaru Dry Sump Systems

Subaru Dry Sump Systems

103-1464 Subaru Scavenge Only Dry Sump Kit
img087.jpg Kit includes 2 section AVIAID Scavenge only pump w/ -12 fittings, AVIAID Mounting bracket to adapt to Subaru AC compressor mount, mounting hardware for pump and bracket (Coarse and Fine thread), and 5" serpentine oil pump pulley w/ 6 ribs for adjustability, and Subaru 3 pickup Billet Aluminum Dry Sump Pan Kit for conversion of Wet Sump Cars to Dry Sump utilizing stock internal Oil Pump. Kit includes pan, 2 -12 screen pickup fittings, 1 -10 port plug for extra pickup port, and -12 fitting for connection of tank to stock internal pump. Fitting and pan are ported to deliver full -12 inside diameter porting for feed of internal pump. Includes screwed in steel louvered windage tray. Tanks and Breather Can sold separately.

Price: $1,952.89

SKU: 103-1464
103-1017 Subaru 3 Stage Dry Sump Kit
Kit includes a 3 Stage Pump W/Regulator, Pump Adapter, Shims, and Bolts. Billet Pan W/Screen Fittings. Damper, Mandrel with Pulleys and Belt. Remote Filter Mount and Remote Filter Adapter with Fittings. Tanks sold separately.

Price: $3,355.33

SKU: 103-1017