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Big Block Chevrolet Left and Right Side Mount Dry Sump Systems

BB Chevy L/R Side Mount Dry Sump Systems

AVIAID offers a traditional blade configuration dry sump system for the US driver side of the Small Block Chevrolet engine. The 3 or 4 stage pump options bolts directly to mount the pump. There are 6 different mounting blade styles for this engine. And mountings can be reversed for US passenger side mounting.
103-1128 S2 5 Stage BBC Dry Sump Kit
This kit includes our 5 Stage Series 2 Rotor Scavenge Pump. Mandrel, Pulley's and Hardware. Dry Sump Pan w/3 -12 Pick Ups Right Side Outlet. Oil Filter Adapter w/ Fittings and Bolt Kit. Remote Filter Mount w-12 Fittings and Wix Filter. Tanks and Breather Can Sold Separately.

Price: $2,872.81

SKU: 103-1128
103-1008-LSM BBC 4 Stage Dry Sump Kit
This kit includes our Series 1 4 Stage Pump Left Side Mount. Mandrel, Pulleys and Belt with Bolt Kit. 3 -12 Pick Up Left Side Outlet Dry Sump Pan. Remote Filter Mount w-12 Fittings w/Wix Filter. Oil Filter Adapter w/Fittings and Bolt Kit. Tanks and Breather Can sold Separately.

Price: $2,590.67

SKU: 103-1008-LSM
103-1149-RSM BBC 3 Stage Dry Sump Kit
Kit includes a 3 Stage Pump. Mandrel with Pulleys and Belt Bolt Kit. 3 -12 PU Right Side Outlet Steel Pan. SBC/BBC Oil Filter Adapter w/Fittings, Remote Filter Mount w/Fittings and a Wix Filter. Tanks are sold separately.

Price: $2,122.54

SKU: 103-1149
103-1193 AMC Dry Sump Kit LSM
This kit includes a 4 Stage Pump with Mount and Bolts. Mandrel with Pulleys and a Belt. 3-12 PU Steel Pan. Remote Filter Mount with Fittings and a Wix Filter.

Price: $2,868.97

SKU: 103-1193