[ Chevy LS Series ]

     Without question, Aviaid has the industry’s largest selection of oil systems for LS-series Chevy engines. They range from external wet sump conversions for LS1 engines to all-out competition dry sump systems for LS7 applications. With no less than six engines now in the LS family (LS1, LS2, LS3, LS4, LS6 and LS7) Aviaid stands ready to provide improved performance and reliability through its series of lubrication systems —including a bolt-in conversion for Z06 Corvettes. Some of the available systems include:

  • LS “A” – Street system uses OEM pump for pressure, external pump for scavenging
  • LS “B” – Club racer system mounts pump to A/C bracket, uses OEM pump for pressure
  • LS “C” – 3-stage scavenge/pressure pump mounts to block; HTD drive and ATI damper
  • LS “D” – Competition system with 4 or 5-stage pump with Gilmer belt drive
  • LS “E” – Single stage external wet sump adjustable pressure pump mounts to block

     With a variety of pumps and section widths, wet and dry sump oil systems can be configured for most any application, including street, oval track, road racing and drag racing. Please download the following literature for additional information:

1.) Lubrication Systems for LS1-LS6
2.) Bolt-In Dry Sump Systems for LS7
3.) LS7/Z06 Auxiliary Scavenge Pump Installation & Tank Modification Instructions
4.) LS7/Z06 Oil Tank & Pan Baffle Installation Instructions
5.) Series 2 Dry Sump Pumps for LS
6.) Low Profile Billet Aluminum Pans

Click Here for PHOTOS of Oil System Components and Installations