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Small Block Chevy Left/Driver/Filter Side Dry Sump Systems

AVIAID AVIAID offers a traditional blade configuration dry sump system for the passenger side of the Small Block Ford Windsor engine. The 3 or 4 stage pump options uses a billet adapter plate to mount the pump.
14220-2126.jpg 14220-2126 SBC LSM Dry Sump Pump
SBC Left Side Mount 4 Stage Dry Sump Pump 4 stage Series 1 pump built for mounting on the Driver/Oil Filter side of a Small Block Chevy engine. Mounts directly to block or can be used on motor plate for any engine.

152-52101 SBC Dry Sump Pan 2x-12 LSO

SBC/Small Block Chevy Dry Sump Pan, 2 -12 screened pick-ups, Left Side Outlets, 2 Piece Rear Main Seal, Windage Tray, Cad plated Steel Construction

Length: 00"  Depth: 4.50"  Width: 7.65"  Quarts: N/A 
Price: $349.00

152-52110 SBC 3 PU Dry Sump Pan w/ Kickout
152-52110 (2)

SBC/Small Block Chevy 3 -12 screened pick-ups Dry Sump w/1" below rail kick-out, right side outlet. 2 piece rear main seal core w/ small stroker notches stamped in. 5" deep at pickup trough. Cad plated for finish and corrosion resistance. Bolt in framed windage screen tray.

Length: 00"  Depth: 5.00"  Width: 7.65"  Quarts: N/A 
Price: $399.60

152-52130 SBC 3 PU Dry Sump Pan w/ KO AllPro

SBC/Small Block Chevy 3 pick-up Dry Sump Pan (All Pro-Modified)1" below rail kickout w/ 4-1/2" front, 5" rear floor. 2 piece rear main seal. Cad plated for finish and corrosion resistance. Bolt in framed windage screen tray.

Length: 00"  Depth: 5.50" - 4.50"  Width: 8.65"  Quarts: N/A 
Price: $474.00

158-58140 SBC Crackerbox 3 Pickup Dry Sump Pan

Small Block Chevy Crackerbox 3 pick-up Dry Sump, -12 starter side outlet

Length: 00"  Depth: 4.00x6.00"  Width:


  Quarts: N/A 
Price: $576.84

129-11000-MEN'S T-SHIRT

The Original AVIAID Screw 2nd Place T-Shirt. Hanes Beefy-T 100% Preshrunk Cotton. Sizes: M L XL XXL

Price: $17.30

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