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Dry Sump Oil Pans 4.6/5.4 MODULAR FORD

AVIAID AVIAID offers several dry sump pans for the Modular Ford. Steel pans are available in a rear sump and minimum depth flat bottom style with a variety of outlet configurations. AVIAID also offers a 1.75" deep minimum depth billet aluminum dry sump pan, featuring 5 -12 ports for connections to scavenge pumps, turbo drains and any other purpose requiring a drain back into the engine.
152-52506 Modular Ford Billet Aluminum Dry Sump Pan

Ford Modular Billet Aluminum 02

Length: 00"  Depth: 00"  Width: 00" 
Price: $1,190.00

152-52506-02 Ford Modular Steel Dry Sump Pan

Ford Modular 3 Pickup Dry Sump Pan -

Length: 00"  Depth: 0"  Width: 00"  Quarts: 0 
Price: $349.00

152-52506-03 Ford Modular 3 Pickup Dry Sump Pan Low Profile

Ford Modular "Low profile steel dry sump pan for Ford ""Modular"" engines". 3 -12 screened pickups with louvered windage tray. Cadmium plated for permanent corrosion resistance.
Application: Ford Modular  Pickups: 5  Depth: 1.75 
Price: $399.00

152-52507-02 Ford Coyote Steel Dry Sump Pan

Ford Coyote Steel 3 pickup dry sump pan. Fabricated from stock Ford Coyote oil pan with 3, -12 pickups and windage tray.

Price: $449.60

103-1007-Ford Modular Coyote Dry Sump System

Ford Modular Coyote 4 Stage Dry Sump System. Passenger side mount, 4-Stage Pump with 5 pickup Billet Aluminum Dry Sump Pan. Pump Drive, Remote Oil Filter components. With 3 gallon 7-1/2" diameter Dry Sump Tank Assembly. Driver and Passenger Mount available. Alternative Pump, Pans, and Tanks available. Cal for more info 818-998-8991.

Price: $4,786.85

Call or Email for more info. Shipping not included. Email: Phone: 818-998-8991