AVIAID has built external wet sump and dry sump systems for virtually every engine imaginable over the course of the last 53 years. For the most part they fall into a number of particular engine families with just a few basic configurations. Shown here are sets of the more standard configurations for engine, which we generally build systems for. Typically these will include a left side and a right side configuration, with several engines having a number of versions of each. Within the context of each mounting configuration all things can be varied; # of scavenge sections, section sizes for pressure and scavenge, rear drives, angled inlet and outlet ports, fitting adapter sizes, etc. Looking at these assortments of mounts, pumps, and drives you can pick the most likely configuration and components, and if there is any question, contact us for recommendations or feasibilities and we can get the right system built for you.

Chevy Small Block Left/Driver/Filter Side Dry Sump
Ford 302-351 Driver/Oil Filter Side Dry Sump
Ford 302-351 Passenger Side Dry Sump
Ford Modular Driver Side Dry Sump
Ford Modular Passenger Side Dry Sump